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A purrfect afternoon - You&Meow - Cats, Cake and Coffee

A purrfect afternoon - You&Meow - Cats, Cake and Coffee

If you're like me and love cats but sadly don't have one... yet... then, You&Meow is a great place to go and get your monthly or weekly "cat fix". My friend and I decided to go along and meet the new kittens and we weren't disappointed! 

Conveniently located in the heart of Bristol - just behind the Hippodrome; You&Meow is a cat cafe that offers it's visitors the unique experience of enjoying the company of their cats whilst savouring a selection of teas, coffees and delicious cakes. The whole place is inspired by Japanese Zen Gardens, they're really trying to recreate that feeling of tranquility and peacefulness - this is not just for the cats but the visitors too!

The cafe has 6-8 cats at any one time and they generally get kittens as they tend to integrate better in to the environment and are definitely much more playful and inquisitive than older cats.

When we first arrived, one of the lovely ladies working there introduced us to the 'House Rules'. I really like this as it helps ensure the safety of the cats and included rules like: don't disturb a sleeping cat, don't share your food with them, don't pull their tails, fur, whiskers, ears etc., keep noise to a minimum and ensure your flash is off when taking pictures. Pretty much common sense really.. 

Then you are shown in to a homely and spacious space that has been styled with bamboo and palm print and the furniture is bamboo and taffetta. The ambience of the place is very calming and soothing with the birdsong and the trickle of a waterfall playing in the background adding to the overall Zen vibe of the place.

There is a mixture of low pouffes and normal tables and chairs as well as benches to choose from. We were assigned to a table where we could enjoy our tea and cake whilst we watch the kittens playing/snoozing. They have also started doing hot pawninis and as it was lunch time we both decided to order a pawnini each. 

Having been before and had tea and cake which was delicious; I had high hopes for the pawnini. I ordered the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado one and it was alright. The tea was delicious and the kittens were definitely the stars of the visit!

So much so that my friend and I didn't really get time to chat as we were too engrossed in watching and playing with the little tikes!

The cats are all well looked after and very contented - the house rules help ensure that if they take any cat naps they are left to it and there are also 'cat-only' areas should they wish to be completely away from the visitors. 

It's definitely a fab way to spend an hour and half! Listening to the cats purring and playing with them did wonders for my wellbeing and the owner has really done a good job of getting great cats and made a lovely environment for them.

I'll definitely be going back... 



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