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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

It's been a miserable June so far with lots of grey days but today there is finally some blue sky and sunshine - Yippee!! This is something I've wanted to do for a some time now and as I'm in-between jobs; now seems as good a time as any.

There's lots to be shared, so let's get started!

I was born in the UK and then moved to Zimbabwe as a toddler before relocating back with my family in my mid teens. Carlisle was home until I went to Uni in Preston. I graduated and stayed there for a bit before deciding I needed to experience the South; ending up in Windsor for a couple of months before moving to London. I finally relocated to Bristol almost 5 years ago now; to be with my then on/off long term boyfriend, Simon - who is now my fiancé and I love our life in good ol’Brissle. 

Having grown up in the industry, hospitality is in my blood so after getting a degree in it; it seemed only natural to continue down that path. I love the industry and the life I had in London but it became apparent pretty quickly that I couldn’t live the champagne lifestyle I wanted on a lemonade budget and that’s when I fell in to Recruitment and well, it's been an interesting 4 and a half years… 

I have left that world to pursue some of my own goals - MWF being one of them. I’m now looking to break in to more creative and marketing focussed roles whilst continuing my pursuit of achieving the others. 

The main purpose of my blog is to have a place that I can empty my head and document my life. MWF will bring together some of my favourite things and to help create some structure; I'll group my posts in to the following:

~Interiors~ Although Si and I moved in to a new build 2-bed flat and it hasn't required any major work, making it our 'home' has very much been a work in progress. I'll go through some of our projects. 

~Travel~ Our adventures at home and away. We both love travelling, and although I have done more than Si - our travel bucket list is pretty extensive and being able to document and look back on some of our adventures will be fun and will push us to take more. 

~Wedding~ We recently got engaged, wedding talk is officially a go!

~ThrowBackThursdays~ In homage to the TBT hashtag. As I mentioned earlier, I've been meaning to do this for a while now and so there will some throwbacks to previous adventures.

~Food&Drink~ #foodiefriday - What better day of the week to share my fave recipes and indulgences! I love good food and drinks. I generally cook healthy meals but I'm a firm believer in eating what you want - just be sure to get out moving to balance things out (something I'm working on being better at). 

I hope you find some inspiration amongst some of my favourite things. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

Much love


City Break to Rome - Part 1

City Break to Rome - Part 1