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The Athenian - a Greek Street Food restaurant

The Athenian - a Greek Street Food restaurant

After being cooped up indoors and sitting glued to our computers all day; we decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine on a Wednesday evening by getting out for a walk and maybe a cheeky drink or 2... 

Heading along the waterfront, we made our way towards The General. Quite a few others had the same idea, taking in the late afternoon sunshine outside the restaurants in this peaceful, yet developing part of Bristol. 

We had a drink in Paco Tapas - a modern Spanish tapas restaurant. Perched on a stool with a barrel as our table, Si had a beer whilst I enjoyed a delicious glass of Pinot Noir Rose and we watched the world go by - utter bliss! 

Feeling content but slightly peckish, we headed along towards Wapping Wharf - a bustling new quarter of Bristol that has a plethora of restaurants & bars, cafes and shops. Most are set inside reconstituted shipping containers and it's very aptly named 'Cargo'. 

Cargo 1 is already an established fave for us but now Cargo 2 has opened; bringing with it a number of new places - it's enough to whet anyone's appetite!

With the thought of food and our new found obsession of Halloumi, I suggested to Si that we go to The Athenian - a Greek Street Food restaurant in Cargo 2 - he didn't need much persuading..

We'd been once before on the weekend it opened and although I'd had every intention of trying their Greek salad; seeing the amount of food piled into their Greedy Box, I knew it'd be enough for both of us. 

When we got there the place was packed, clearly their reputation had already spread - it was only a Wednesday! So we did as all good Brits do; joined the queue and patiently waited our turn. This also gave me another chance to study their menu in a bit more detail. 

Traditionally, a Souvlaki is a Greek pita wrap filled with grilled meats, salad and sauce - a much healthier take on a kebab thats definitely fresher and tastier! There's also an option to add in Oregano fries if you are feeling particularly hungry. Their fries can be spiked with paprika if you like the smoky warmth and depth it gives. 

You can fill your Souvlaki with grilled meats such as chicken, pork, lamb & beef, halloumi for veggies or mushrooms for vegans. There are also combos to choose from if you preferred a mixture.

Their sauces/dips are Tzatziki - creamy Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip, Tyrokafteri - spicy feta and red pepper dip, Melitzanosalata - smoked aubergine dip and the divine Souvlaki sauce which is made from Greek honey, mustard and secret herbs.

If you're anything like me and bound to end up with food on your lap and sauce down your top - definitely opt for a box. It's a deconstructed version with all the same goodies as a wrap, great for sharing, friendlier to tackle and you're less likely to end up wearing it!

We shared a Greedy Box as it has a skewer of each of the grilled meats, a spoonful of the mushrooms and 2 chunky slices of their halloumi. You also get salad - lettuce, tomato and onion - paprika and oregano fries, pita bread and any combo of dips you like. If you're not sure - get them all. The Souvlaki sauce and Tzatziki are definitely our top 2! 

If you'd rather have something light - there are a of couple salads to choose from including the Greek and the Dakos which is a Cretan barley rusk topped with onion, tomatoes, feta and olives. I'm sure I'll try both at some point especially as you can add a skewer of meat too. 

In terms of drinks; they have soft drinks and water as well as some Greek beverages including teas, soft drinks and beer. I tried the Greek lemonade and it was pretty tasty - not really that much different to a lemonade you can get here though. Si had a Greek beer and seemed to enjoy it.

We also shared an Ion chocolate which had loads of Greek on it so I guess it's from there - again not so different to chocolate here but it was nice to have that 'little sweet something' after our meal. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our visit and the food was as good as the first time. I'm no aficionado when it comes to Greek Street Food - I've only been to gorgeous Greece 3 times and all visits are quite a long time ago now.. That said, I know what I like and this place is so good! You really must go!! 


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